Summer Newsletter 2018

12 June 2018 |

2018 New Product Release

Ribsy Wallcovering – Submaterial’s new Ribsy Wallcovering design has a dramatic ribbed surface created by turning strips of thick wool felt on edge, in alternating the heights to create a rich, dimensional texture. Ribsy is modular in design and backed with recycled cork.

Ribsy Wall Covering

Ribsy’s design has the inherent ability to wrap concave and convex architecture, unlike many other modular wall treatments, making it a versatile option for any interior. Subtle tone variations and bold colorways are available in over fifty colors of Merino wool felt.

Ribsy Wall Covering

This design can utilize remnant materials from various dye lots, maximizing the tonal variation and warmth. Although extremely labor intensive, the ability to utilize material that might have otherwise been scrap allows us to keep costs down in exchange for a premium product with an NRC rating of 0.35.


Celebrating the release of Ribsy Wallcovering, we’re giving away over 3000 conceptual objects of the same design language. These “ribsies” are hand-made with 19 layers of 5mm thick wool felt and are intended as design accessories. Come see Ribsy Wallcovering and take home one of our ribsies at the NeoCon’s 50th edition in Chicago, happening now!

Make sure to visit us at NeoCon this week and pick up one of our ribsies, located in the Knoll Showroom.


Submaterial ribsies are also available for custom order, in any color and quantity. Contact us for more information.