Working from Home with Submaterial

11 March 2021 |

As we find ourselves one year into this pandemic, we are thinking more than ever about our home spaces. Last year, many of us worked quickly to transform living rooms and bedrooms into offices and schools. This year, we are looking forward to returning to public spaces when it is finally safe to do so.

Let our coasters and mats help you make that transition. Whether you’re at home or at the office, we wanted to share some tips and tricks for making use of these pieces.

Orbit Catchall pictured above, with Index Dimensional wallcovering.

Stick to a Routine

Starting and ending your day at the same time can make things feel a little bit more normal. Start your day with a cup of coffee and a set of cushy round coasters.

Shop Round Coaster Sets

Round Coaster Sets

Carve out a Space

A trio of pill-shaped felt pads can help even the kitchen table feel a bit more like a workspace.

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Capsule Mat Trios

Everything in its Place

Keep things neat and tidy with round mats in three different sizes. A place for everything and everything in its place!

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Round Mat Trios