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closed up grey, ribbed wallcovering tiles
Submaterial is thrilled to be selected as a winner of the Metropolis Likes Award at NeoCon 2018.
closed up grey, ribbed wallcovering tiles
Metropolis Likes NeoCon Winners
1 June 2018

The most exciting aspect of the NeoCon fair is that it brings together the best products available to American designers across different categories—furniture, textiles, surfaces, flooring, lighting, or technology. It makes it possible to see big ideas and trends that span different types of products and suggest new directions for how we all live and work. So for #MetropolisLikes, the Metropolis editors selected 33 such forward-thinking products from submissions across the breadth of the industry. Here are their selections of the most innovative, creative, and sustainable solutions for commercial and residential interiors.

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