Circadian No. 2

Alternating heights of felt on edge, repeating over and over. The Circadian panels play with rhythm, stacking repeating patterns in offset rows within a powder-coated aluminum cradle.

The Circadian No. 2 panel dances color and rhythm, layering recurring colors in staggered rows within a cradle of violet powder-coated aluminum. Like the cadence of a day, it holds an eclectic fusion of random hues. The varying felt heights add depth and tactile appeal to the overall panel. At the same time, the dynamic interplay of five colors creates a captivating visual texture that complements the mood of the environment it inhabits.

Please note: The layout and composition will vary slightly between pieces due to felt thickness and handmade fabrication.

  • 12" x 12"
  • Sage, Emerald, Pine, Parakeet, Evergreen Frame: Claret Violet


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