New Product Line – Fall Release Sneak Peek

15 July 2019 |

After over thirteen years working with clients in the field of commercial design, Submaterial is adding a dynamic line of products for the home. Although it seems like a new branch for the company, Founder + Creative Director David Hamlin began his creative journey with small-scale design objects; we’re coming back to our roots. This means select limited edition pieces are returning as standard products, like the sculptural objects below.

Wool Felt Objects

Our team is focused on providing timeless aesthetic and adaptability in the new line. The textural accessories create an enriching presence of color and texture, driven by the value of handcraft and premium materials.

Each sophisticated accessory will offer color and/or size options and a precision that makes even the most critical eye wonder if it could have been crafted by hand (yes, it was!).


Trees: Detail

Limited Edition Pieces

Twice per year the collection will receive a color update; once for the warmer Spring/Summer months, and again for the cooler Fall /Winter months. Each colorway is being carefully considered and will include seasonal colors. Special items will be marked editions referring to their manufacturing date and season, perfect for design collectors.

The fall product release incorporates materials such as wool felt, vegetable-tanned cowhide, Knoll’s Ultrasuede, reclaimed wood, and ceramics via a partnership with Modern Folk Ware.

Modern Folk Ware and Ribsy

Submaterial Brand & Color Naming System

In addition to many new products for the home, Submaterial is amidst a full re-brand. With this process comes a new word-mark, logo, and color palette. To push the branding further and add some fun to our team’s day, we decided to come up with fun and original names for each wool felt color.

For example, we will have a felt color titled Biscochito, a traditional Spanish wedding cookie which originated in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This cinnamon delight is also the state cookie of New Mexico.

Between now and the end of September, you can expect press coverage of these versatile accessories with full color range options and details on product sets. We encourage you to begin coordinating your own order and be ready to pull your favorite items into your shopping cart on September 30th.

For more information, you can email our team at [email protected] and follow our social media accounts to stay up to date on new product details.

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