Custom Projects

We love doing custom work and having the chance to stretch and grow our design and fabrication skills through these projects. We also appreciate the opportunities to collaborate with designers and clients. In the past, clients have pushed the limits of our product designs to suit a specific application for their projects, while others have come to us with designs in-hand and look to Submaterial to help fully realize them. Each custom project presents unique opportunities to look at our work through another lens. How can our work meet the goals of our clients? What techniques shall we use? How can the materials and tools at our disposal be utilized to create something spectacular?

Our current toolbox includes precise cutting of wool felt, leather, cork, and wood using hand tools, dies and specialized machinery, large and small glue assemblies, woodworking, and joinery, sewing, metal fabrication, and leatherworking.

We’d love the chance to work with you on your next custom project. Please get in touch!

Westin Hotel, New Orleans

Wood Fireplace Wrap, Boston

325 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn

Custom Wall Panels

Custom Screens

Custom Wall Hangings

Custom Projects FAQ

What materials can be used for custom projects.
Any material that we can work with! 100% wool felt, cork, leather, wood, metals, suede, plastic, and more. If you have specific material needs for your project we would love to incorporate them into our design solution. We have a multitude of capabilities in our Albuquerque, NM fabrication facility and our brilliant staff loves a good challenge.
How do I work with Submaterial to make my custom project a reailty?
The first step is to get in touch! Our Sales team knows the ins and outs of our capabilities and will work with you to see your project through. Email [email protected] for more information.
How long do custom projects take?
Once designs are solidified and we receive a deposit, our lead time is 8 weeks. We suggest that you allow enough time into your process to include some back-and-forth for dialing in your design concept with our team beforehand.
Can you come up with a design?
Absolutely – it’s what we do! Get in touch with us via [email protected] to start the process. Our team can create concepts to meet your needs. Our custom work has taken a variety of shapes and sizes and as the name suggests, no two projects are alike. For a deep dive on some of our past custom work download and read our project stories on the Custom page.
How are custom projects shipped?
Shipping depends on the size/location/project type. Typically, projects are packaged into wooden crates and shipped via freight. Our in-house woodshop team builds all our crates to fit the needs of the project. If your site has unique accessibility challenges we are happy to work with you to create a solution for a smooth receiving and installation process.
Do you have samples?
We know how important it can be to see and feel a material. Our team will gladly send out memo samples of our most frequently used colors and materials. For product-specific samples please reach out to [email protected] for purchase. For larger custom projects, sampling will be built in to the design process and your final purchase agreement.