Summer Newsletter 2017

25 July 2017 |


The Domino Sugar Refinery megaproject in Brooklyn, NY is moving forward with the completion of the 16-story apartment complex at 325 Kent Avenue. This urban redevelopment with a masterplan by SHoP Architects will become a key center for the wider neighborhood. We worked with Leeser Architects to develop custom felt wall features for this phase of Domino, and our products will be installed using the Two Trees Management team.

Rendering Courtesy of SHoP Architects

After examining Submaterial’s T-Variant Wall Panel design, Leeser Architects requested we turn the concept into a full-size wallcovering for the Domino Building’s main lobby. In addition to this wallcovering order, we were excited to produce hundreds of square feet of another custom cut out design in a natural, heathered gray felt.

T-Variant Wall Panel

Custom orders can be tricky, but we love a challenge and hope to continue working with the Domino team on this greater urban project. Is there a custom order the Submaterial team can create for you?


New Designs

Going along with this year’s new theme, we just gave our website a full reboot. All products are more accessible and can now load on a mobile device. Our website includes links to our online store and Instagram account, as well as PDF documents with additional information on every one of our designs.

Rain, Acoustic Surface

Our new Acoustic Surfaces Collection made its way to the Design Milk blog and Instagram feed as well as a full page spread in Interior Design Magazine‘s Spring Market Tabloid. With this new collection, we are really pushing the dual function of each product; visual aesthetic and sound dampening. Each design is laminated to an NRC rated acoustic surface and ready for installation on site. The Acoustic Surfaces Collection includes design such as, HexBulbRainHorizontal Bar, and Vertical Bar, and can be ordered exclusively through our partner, Filzfelt.

Horizontal Bar

Our Figure Collection also received two additional designs in the past six months, with Figure no. 3 and Figure no. 4. This collection features engaging reflected symmetry patterns and two felt thicknesses, creating depth and dimension, with an optional pop of color.

Figure Collection

We are always working on new designs and colorways for our customers, and love to see them so warmly accepted and embraced in the larger design community.