Transform Your Home with a Modern Room Divider

27 February 2023 |
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Felt screen made of tan alternating rounded trapezoid shapes with lavender edges next to a desk in a home

We are so excited to announce a collection of handmade modern room dividers for the home in three bold graphic designs!

The Divvy Screen Collection results from a desire to create an aesthetically pleasing and sensible solution for home space organization. The hanging screens break up interior spaces into multifunctional environments. An excellent mechanism for defining a work-from-home area, these pieces can also divvy up open-concept living areas or create a perfect nook for a nursery or children’s play space.

The three designs of the Divvy Collection provide different opacity options. The Steno design, with its softly curved trapezoid elements, create the most solid partition. Basis, with its rounded square edges and random keyholes, likewise provides a dense visual divider. The third design, Lyric, has the most transparency with its open petal shape. The Divvy Collection references iconic mid-century forms and recognizes the playfulness of 1970s beaded curtains while bringing the materials and functionality of a hanging screen into 21st-century homes.


define your personal space without confining it.


In keeping with the studio’s focus on natural and sustainable materials, the Divvy Screens are fabricated with either natural cork or 100% Merino wool felt on both surfaces and a core of 100% cotton museum board. The cork screens are light and airy, with beautiful tones of red or black mixed into the granular cork surface. With felt available in more than 90 colors, the felt screens are endlessly customizable. The felt screens not only provide a physical and visual partition, but the acoustic-dampening function of the felt makes these room dividers perfect for spaces that suffer from sound leakage. The Divvy Screens are fabricated and assembled by hand with anodized aluminum hardware and finished with powder-coated aluminum bars. Hanging hardware is included.

Let’s chat about how you can use our modern room dividers in your home!


Create a Nursery Nook or a Children’s Play Space


Want to create a small partitioned-off area in your bedroom for when your little one arrives? Divvy Screens can help you define that space. The airy room dividers can create the perfect quiet nook for a bassinet or a rocking chair. The area would still be partially visible from the other side of the room but private enough for cozy moments with the baby. Likewise, suppose you are looking to have a kid’s play area but don’t want to give up a whole room. In that case, the Divvy Screens can help you physically and acoustically separate the area. (Remember, felt has sound-dampening qualities!) Our felt room dividers are available in more than 90 colors. You can go for fun bright colors for the kid’s area, keep it more muted to complement your living area, or customize the screen to do both!


Encourage Focus in Your Work-From-Home Space

A hanging room divider made of red cork cut into petal shapes opened in the middle. The screen hangs between a desk area and a living room area.
A scene from a room divided by a red and tan cork screen made with trapezoidal-shaped tiles. In the foreground is a desk and chair with a computer and desk items and in the background is a couch and coffee table with a leaf in a vase.

Maybe you have been working from home for a decade, or maybe the pandemic has changed how and where you work. Regardless of how long you have been working from home, you have realized that a comfortable and functional space is key! While considering the right chair, the best desk, and lighting that works for your needs, don’t forget that decor can also help you create the best WFH area. If you struggle with the separation between life and work, install a modern room divider that can help you focus on work from 9 to 5 but then leave it behind the screen from 5 to 9!


Break Up Your Open Concept

Do you live in a loft or an open-concept home and are sick of looking at the other “rooms”? Sure, you can use rugs or furniture to create separation, but what about something that creates physical separation and is beautiful and decorative without feeling bulky or permanent? Enter the Submaterial Divvy Screens. The three designs of Divvy each provide different levels of transparency. And the variety of materials, cork in two different tones or felt in more than 90 colors, means you can customize a divider that blends in with your overall aesthetic or maybe one that POPS with color to add a showpiece to your space. 


Play with Shadows in Your Space

Though we have been focusing on our cork and felt Divvy Screens collection, Submaterial also offers a wood and cork hanging screen option. The Century Screen elevates any space with its dimensional surface that catches the sunlight and produces dramatic shadows. This statement room divider can be fabricated with walnut or white oak. The sleek veneer is laminated to a thick core of natural cork. Using the densest composite cork on the market, the cork is lightweight, abrasion-resistant, and acoustic dampening and is biodegradable, renewable, and recyclable.