Molly Zimmer

Limiting our environmental impact is one of Submaterial’s deepest-held values. It drives our decision to work exclusively with natural, sustainable, and renewable materials. We care about the sustainable creation of these materials before they arrive in our New Mexico studio. Equally important to us is the reuse and recycling of the scraps we create in our manufacturing process. For years we have donated materials to local arts and education organizations. We have also provided materials to local artists and artisans. Molly Zimmer is an Albuquerque multimedia artist and textile restorer of Diné weavings who has been utilizing Submaterial felt offcuts in her practice for several years
We are thrilled to offer a selection of works that Molly has created specifically for Submaterial.

Molly’s beautiful vessels highlight transformation, not only the transformation of the rolls of felt into our products and resulting offcuts into works of biophilic art but also the transformations of a garden in the spring—the growth of stems, the emergence of monarch butterflies, and the unfurling of leaves. Much as gardens are a place for rest, rejuvenation, and sanctuary, these works bring that same calming spirit into residential spaces.

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