Since the early days of Submaterial, we have played with creating small sculptural objects that referenced natural forms, from pinecones to trees. We have also tested the waters with functional home items that double as beautiful design. Submaterial is thrilled to offer some of our favorite objects. Murmur trees are tree-like objects grouped in sets of three, creating the effect of a small grove or stand. Spindle coasters serve a purpose but equally make a beautiful tablescape sculpture. These works explore the territory between objects of art and objects of design.

trio of tree-shaped design pieces with wood bases, metal stems, and white leather leaves.

Murmur Trees

Two coaster sets with dark wood bases and layered multicolor felt square coasters

Spindle Coaster Set

a colorful vase made of wool felt featuring the pattern of a monarch butterfly wing sits on a table beside a bent plywood chair

Molly Zimmer Vases